About Us

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About Us

An Artificial Intelligence product and services company.

We are pioneering technology and analytics company focused on providing solutions that helps companies to solve challenges by finding the best Artificial Intelligence, ML based predictive models for their data.

We are developing “Thinking AI/ML solutions”, with defined MiHi Methodology, helps organizations to solve challenges by making the best usage of their data.

We have minimum viable AI/ML products (MVPs) across healthcare, fintech, insurance, manufacturing and multimedia sectors.

Our Focus

Data literacy consulting to add value in improving data literacy, raising organization's awareness and understanding of the literacy gap.

Cooperative Learning a new paradigm in machine learning that trains both the algorithms and the people at scale

Digital Transformation and IoT Enablement by using strong Framework for Smart Manufacturing based on Industry 4.0.

Proprietary Shift Left methodology for identifying and operationalize AI Solutions, making the process repeatable and scalable through delivery excellence

Developing NLP systems for legal contract analysis. Developing tailor-made NLP Modeling techniques to improve the performance of your business.

Cognitive Pipeline Architecture based solutions that enable the best new ‘thinking’ applications for dynamic market based transactional solutions