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Our Products

Cognitive Customer Enablement (C2E) Platform

Globally organizations are facing major challenges around Risk management, Customer retention, and acceleration of business through operational efficiency. Complete Customer 360° views help business users to make the best decision or push the best offer at the right moment, by providing all available information and insights.

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SmartOptim Platform

As a part of Industry 4.0 initiative, we have developed SmartOptim Predictive Maintenance Platform, to raise early warnings of critical failures to avoid downtime of the Machines, intended to run throughout the product lifecycle.

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AIDEAH Voice Engine

AIDEAH VOICE generates Expressive Human-Like Voices in any language. It’s a very Unique Artificial Intelligent based product that learns voice in Indian(or foreign)languages and dialects to regenerate the voice in that language or dialect.

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SilverEye - Legal Solution for Contract Compliance Tracking

SilverEye is a solution for Legal contract review by using artificial intelligence. It can perform routine tasks such as contract review and checking compliance with regulations at higher accuracy rates than legal professionals

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Data Integration Accelerator

Inovant’s Data Integration Solution helps companies deal with growing system complexities by addressing ETL for operational integration. It is scalable solution and can be used on cloud or on premises. Inovant Connect (i-Connect) enables data onboarding, aggregation, and enrichment from internal and external content providers.

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