Our Services

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Our Capabilities

We have expertise in Artificial intelligence, Machine learning , Data Science, Data Platform Services, Data Analysis, Data visualization, Full Stack Development, UI/UX Design, Cloud Application Development, Data Engineering and IoT.

Our experts understands the business problems and provide best matching solutions with innovative approach.

Cloud-Based Solutions
  • Define Cloud strategy and end to end solution architecture.
  • Develop Scalable Cloud-Based Solutions on AWS, GCP, Azure platforms
Enabling IoT Adoption
  • We provide support in defining and implementing the right IoT landscape to kick start your IoT journey.
Data Literacy
  • Inovant provide holistic approach for building a data driven culture.
  • We work with our clients to close the gaps between data, insights and actions.
Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  • Developing MVPs/Products on AI/ML
  • Inovant make AI/ML/DL more accessible and more performant by providing a production proven AI environment.
Full Stack Design & Development
  • Provide end to end solutions by understanding the considering end-user experience
MVP & Core Product Development
  • “InovantAI” proprietary AI development platform with Defined MiHi methodology for MVP and core product development.