What we do!

An Artificial Intelligence product and services company.

We are pioneering technology and analytics company focused on providing solutions that helps companies to solve challenges by finding the best Artificial Intelligence, ML based predictive models for their data.

We are developing “Thinking AI/ML solutions”, with defined MiHi Methodology, helps organizations to solve challenges by making the best usage of their data.

We have minimum viable AI/ML products (MVPs) across healthcare, fintech, insurance, manufacturing and multimedia sectors.

Our Vision

To be the world's most trusted company for actionable insights, empowering Organizations to make informed decisions that significantly improve their business outcomes.

Our Mission

To deploy the latest AI/machine-learning technology and expert analysts to verify and deliver advanced insights solutions to create significant business value

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Our Values and Commitments

At Inovant Technologies, we are committed to use Artificial Intelligence(AI) only for human assistance and our value system strongly disallows us to use AI for antisocial and criminal activities.

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    Innovate for the best

    Find newer and better ideas to make our solutions better

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    Stay Rational

    Realistic and data-driven approach to make

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    Stay Focused

    Focus on making in-time decisions to make AI more accessible and more performant.

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    Be Reliable

    We keep our customer engaged with outcomes by delivering a great experience

Our Capabilities

We have expertise in Artificial intelligence, Machine learning , Data Science, Data Platform Services, Data Analysis, Data visualization, Full Stack Development, UI/UX Design, Cloud Application Development, Data Engineering and IoT.

Our experts understands the business problems and provide best matching solutions with innovative approach.

Cloud-Based Solutions
  • Define Cloud strategy and end to end solution architecture.
  • Develop Scalable Cloud-Based Solutions on AWS, GCP, Azure platforms
Enabling IoT Adoption
  • We provide support in defining and implementing the right IoT landscape to kick start your IoT journey.
Data Literacy & Data Management
  • Inovant provides holistic approach for building a data driven culture.
  • We work with our clients/partners to close the gaps between data, insights and actions.
Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  • Inovant make AI/ML/DL more accessible and more performant by providing a production proven AI environment.
Full Stack Design & Development
  • Provide end to end solutions by implementing UX/UI/frontend/backend for respective use cases considering end-user experience
MVP & Core Product Development
  • “InovantAI” proprietary AI development platform with defined MiHi methodology for MVP and core product development.

Our Products

There is an explosive growth in new technologies to gather and use data to optimize operations, Insights, Services etc. We provide Artificial Intelligence(AI) powered frameworks, products and services by addressing data driven digital strategy and AI’s applicability to business models.

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    Ensures data Security and Regulations.

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    Easy Integration

    With existing & new processes.

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    To business data demands.

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    Platform for behaviour predictions



While providing the better solutions to our clients, we are also hiring the right skilled and passionate individuals who will be part of Inovant Team.

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